Pressing is performed on a modern short-stroke single-stage hydraulic press from Italpress. The press has oil-heated steel plates. The maximum pressure is 160 tons. The heating plates are coated with mylar foil which ensures top quality of the pressing surface.

The maximum pressing thickness is 100 mm, provided that the "sandwich" plate does not weigh more than 80 kg and has no area of ​​less than 1.6 m2, which is also the minimum pressing area. The maximum dimension of the pressing piece is 3200 x 1600 mm. We press laminates on load-bearing panels purchased exclusively from Vik Iverali.

In one pressing cycle, it is possible to glue a maximum of three materials together up to the maximum pressing thickness. The thickness of the finished piece is calculated by summing the individual thicknesses of the piece before gluing while the influence of the glue on the thickness is neglected, (less than 0.1 mm).

One-sided pressing is considered to be the pressing of two materials and single application of glue, while double-sided pressing is the pressing of three materials into a whole and double application of glue.